Frequently Asked Questions

Log in issues

“The usage is under temporary restriction!”

Your account may be flat. In return for showing your transfer documents, you can use the system without restrictions.

“Connection error. Please check your network, router settings!”

You have problems with your router of firewall. Please check the Installation Instructions for the correct settings. Virus killers or mistyped username can also cause such problem.

“Connection error. Please check your network, router settings!”

Incorrect username or password.

Database uploading issues

How can I upload a database?

You should open the project settings by clicking on Database and Import. On the right side, please click on Actions and Import, there you can browse the given database. Its header has to contain fields for ‘name’ and ‘phone’, accentuated letters are not permitted and must be saved in Excel as Unicode format.

What are the rules for the header’s elements?

Header must contain 1-60 characters! (please double check whether a header is empty or deleted) We recommend to select the data you want to import and copy them to a new Excel worksheet and then save it as usual as a Unicode text file – Please employ a new Excel tab for uploading information.

What are the reasons for failed database uploading?

You probably have content problems. The two major reasons are special characters or breaks.

Project issues

How could I activate a project?

You can activate projects on the main page of a given project. You also need an uploaded script which can be managed in script editor.

How could I inactivate a project?

You should inactivate projects which you do not use on a daily base. Please log in to the project for managing it.

When does a project terminate?

It is the date which specifies the terminal time when operators can manage call-backs.

What does the number next to the project mean?

It is the project’s ID. It helps searching among projects as you can search for the project’s name or ID number.

What can I do if I cannot see my projects?

Please click on the vertical line between the project list and the user interface to make project list pop up. Other reasons might be that you are not a member of the group which can see the project, or the project is inactive and your filter only shows active ones.

User issues

How could I give username to a new co-worker?

Please click on the VCC icon in the upper right corner to make settings unattached to the given project visible. In Users, you can manage who is allowed to log in to VCC. By clicking on Add new user or + sign, you can add new users. Please note, the name you give to a new user will appear on every report and statistics, and the new user will need to use the given username for log in.

How can I delete users?

Users cannot be deleted due to statistics safety. However, users can be inactivated. If you inactivate a user, (s)he will be invisible on the main interface and separated on statistics as inactive user.

Where can I find operators in my statistics?

You can establish different groups in VCC. Operators can be members of one group per operator, whereas supervisors can be members of every group. However, they can only see operators who are in a given group.

Call and call recording issues

How can I listen to recorded calls?

The easiest way to find a given call in CDR Report. It contains data of every call, regardless their success. If call recording is up and running, click on Play in CDR Report to play recorded calls or click on the arrowhead for downloading. You can also listen to calls at.

What can I do if I cannot find any IVR for a call?

Three reasons can cause such problem. First, call recording is switched off. Second, there was no call. Third, call recording has been deleted.

How long call recordings are available?

VCC stores call recordings for 30 days. You have to download your recordings with a VCC provided program. Please ask for your password at Customer Service.


What can I do if client can be seen, but nothing happens when I click on it?

With Windows 7 and above, you can click on the VCC icon to make open windows visible. If you cannot see one of them, use the right mouse button and choose Move to make the window visible.

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